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Wisconsin’s Communities Know Safe Water Starts with Safe Surfacing

History is full of stories of human inventions turning out to be not as beneficial, economical, or healthy as expected. Take DDT. Used by the U.S. government to slow malaria and typhus outbreaks in World War II and commercialized for U.S. sale in 1945, it was viewed as a miracle pesticide. Mounting evidence of DDT’s […]

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Walnut Way Wins a MANDI

FFLM is excited to announce that Blue Skies Landscaping, a program of Walnut Way Conservation Corp, has won a 2019 MANDI (Milwaukee Awards for Neighborhood Development Innovation) from LISC Milwaukee! You can also view their nomination video here. Blue Skies, a long-time grantee of the FFLM, is a leader in green infrastructure, neighborhood beautification and workforce development. Take a quick look at […]

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Buzzing with Excitement for Native Pollinators

Milwaukee has recently been the stage to some surprising animal stars. From the return of the river otter to the first downtown beaver spotting in nearly two centuries, Milwaukee’s conservation stewards are seeing the furry fruits of their labor everywhere. But there’s another comeback kid, and it might be buzzing right under your nose. The critically endangered […]

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Flood Abatement and Community Resilience

The data is clear: The earth’s climate is changing.[1]  The top five hottest years on record since 1880, when NASA began tracking annual average temperatures, have been within the past 10 years. Currently, annual global average temperature is about 1° Celsius hotter than the 139-year average, and trends show it rising. Since the atmosphere is, […]

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Shedding Light on Lake Michigan: the WATERshed Program

by Erin Keleske Erin Keleske is the new Fund for Lake Michigan Communication’s Assistant! The Fund has supported the WATERshed program for the past several years. Erin grew up in Racine and we were thrilled to learn that she has experienced the benefits of environmental education programs like the WATERshed program. Growing up in Racine, […]

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Inner Harbor Fish Hotels

In early 2017, students at Milwaukee’s Bradley Tech High School spent a winter and spring designing and building aquatic rest stops to replace fish habitat that was lost decades ago when steel sheet piling was installed along the rivers of the Inner Harbor. Imagine sleeping standing up in the middle of a busy road, and […]

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