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We Stand with the Community

Without question, the Fund for Lake Michigan stands today in solidarity with those calling for racial justice, government accountability and an end to violence against our own citizens. (read more)

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Jobs Created

Grantee Spotlight

Finding a Home for a Living Fossil

At the bottom of Lake Michigan dwells an ancient creature with origins dating back over a hundred million years. The largest and longest-living species in Lake Michigan, the lake sturgeon, have been absent from most of their native habitat for over a hundred years. But thanks to diligent conservation efforts, the species is making a comeback.

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Economic Results

The numbers are out. Our projects do more than improve the health of the Lake Michigan watershed. They pay dividends in the economy by creating good jobs, raising property values, attracting federal and out-of-state investment in Wisconsin, and building demand for our state’s abundant water-related offerings. Add this to the immeasurable quality-of-life enhancements and the long-term ecological impacts, and our work has an impressive “triple bottom line.”

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Project Update

Green Schoolyards for the Next Generation

Inspirational work takes place at our public schools every day, but thanks to the nonprofit Reflo’s Green & Healthy Schools program, that groundbreaking work is happening outside of the classroom as well. Where once stood a sea of asphalt you will now find a natural oasis, but just below the surface lies something much more impactful — thousands of gallons of stormwater retention and untold opportunity for Milwaukee students.

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