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We Make Grants
for Lake Michigan

Our grants support organizations and communities committed to enhancing the Lake’s health though projects with both immediate and long-term benefits. The growing economic and environmental impact of this work is reflected not only in improved water quality but also in Wisconsin job creation, property value increases, and new economic activity.

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Acres Restored



Jobs Created

Press Release

Study of Aquatic Species

In what scientists call a groundbreaking effort, the Fund for Lake Michigan has approved a grant to the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (UWM) School of Freshwater Sciences to sequence the DNA and analyze the genetic makeup of three aquatic species, including Yellow Perch and…

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Featured Story

Fish Hotels

In early 2017, students at Milwaukee’s Bradley Tech High School spent a winter and spring designing and building aquatic rest stops to replace fish habitat that was lost due to steel sheet piling installed along the rivers of the Inner Harbor. Imagine sleeping standing up in the middle of a busy road…

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FFLM Report

Economic Impact

Measuring the economic impact of water quality issues – A study of the Fund for Lake Michigan. The primary finding of this study is that the Fund for Lake Michigan (“FFLM” or “the Fund) has had a very positive, demonstrable economic impact in the southeastern region of Wisconsin…

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