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We Stand with the Community

Without question, the Fund for Lake Michigan stands today in solidarity with those calling for racial justice, government accountability and an end to violence against our own citizens. Read more >>

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Grantees Then and Now

Westlawn Gardens at Ten

A decade ago, Westlawn, a 75-acre public housing development in Milwaukee’s Lincoln Creek Watershed, was ripe for improvement. A combination of public and private funding launched an ambitious community planning process overseen by the Housing Authority of the City of Milwaukee (HACM), laying the groundwork for what would be an award-winning sustainable development and the highest LEED-rated neighborhood project in the world.

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Featured Story

Ten Years of the Fund

A decade is like the blink of an eye in the million-year lifespan of a Great Lake, but as the Fund for Lake Michigan marks its 10-year anniversary, it’s clear just how much can change in such a short span of time. The Fund is celebrating its ten-year anniversary and we’re looking back on a decade of success stories and community partners.

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Project Update

Leading with Equity

Communities of color and low-income families are disproportionately affected by every major environmental problem we face. But Racine is now the only city in Wisconsin and the smallest in the country to receive a grant from The Funder’s Network to begin tackling these issues of environmental justice with four incredible Racial Equity and Environmental Justice Fellows.

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