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We Stand with the Community

Without question, the Fund for Lake Michigan stands today in solidarity with those calling for racial justice, government accountability and an end to violence against our own citizens. (read more)

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Grantee Spotlight

Keeping our Beaches Tobacco Free

The most commonly littered plastic in the world isn’t straws. It’s not the single-use plastic bags we see floating around like urban tumbleweeds or even the plastic film that seems to be wrapped around every single item in the grocery store. It’s something most people don’t even realize is plastic–cigarette butts. 

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Economic Results

The numbers are out. Our projects do more than improve the health of the Lake Michigan watershed. They pay dividends in the economy by creating good jobs, raising property values, attracting federal and out-of-state investment in Wisconsin, and building demand for our state’s abundant water-related offerings. Add this to the immeasurable quality-of-life enhancements and the long-term ecological impacts, and our work has an impressive “triple bottom line.”

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Grantee in the News

Toward a Sustainable Future for Great Lakes Cities

Communities have settled and grown along the Great Lakes for centuries, drawn in by seemingly limitless freshwater and natural resources. But as our cities grew and urbanized, our presence has begun to drastically alter the very characteristics of the region that brought us here in the first place. The vitality of our cities and the health of our watersheds have been in competition. 

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