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for Lake Michigan

Our grants support organizations and communities committed to enhancing the Lake’s health though projects with both immediate and long-term benefits. The growing economic and environmental impact of this work is reflected not only in improved water quality but also in Wisconsin job creation, property value increases, and new economic activity.

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Grantee Spotlight

Buzzing with Excitement for Native Pollinators

Milwaukee has recently been the stage to some surprising animal stars. From the return of the river otter to the first downtown beaver spotting in nearly two centuries, Milwaukee’s conservation stewards are seeing the furry fruits of their labor everywhere. But there’s another comeback kid, and it might be buzzing right under your nose.

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Featured Story

Flood Abatement and Community Resilience

FFLM-funded projects are helping Wisconsin permanently adapt to the extreme precipitation that comes with climate change. Green infrastructure, increased wetland acreage, and rivers and streams restored to free-flowing are providing stormwater management and flood abatement. Streambank stabilization, wetland restorations, and…

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Grantee in the News

Walnut Way Wins a MANDI

FFLM is excited to announce that Blue Skies Landscaping, a program of Walnut Way Conservation Corp, has won a 2019 MANDI  from LISC Milwaukee! You can view their nomination video here. Blue Skies, a long-time grantee of the FFLM, is a leader in green infrastructure, neighborhood beautification and workforce development.

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