Fund For Lake Michigan

WATERshed Program 2020

  • Grant Recipient: Southport Park Association
  • Amount: $16,730
  • Year: 2020
  • Watershed: Pike River, Root River
  • Focus Area: Education/Outreach

The WATERshed Program educates our next generation about the value of living in a coastal community with freshwater resources and demonstrates how human activities impact local watersheds. Learners discover what’s going down storm drains and how it travels to rivers and lakes from their neighborhoods. Participants conduct tests to determine water quality and explore diverse ecosystems within their communities. The program has been wildly successful for students in both Racine and Kenosha, but COVID-19 presented new challenges to teaching students. This project will continue to provide early watershed experiences to help students become water literate citizens through innovative virtual, classroom, and place-based learning.

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