Fund For Lake Michigan

Underwood Creek Floodplain Restoration and Stormwater Infiltration Project

  • Grant Recipient: Milwaukee Riverkeeper
  • Amount: $75,000
  • Year: 2017
  • Watershed: Menomonee River
  • Focus Area: Habitat Restoration

In response to an infestation of emerald ash borer, the Village of Elm Grove removed 40 mature ash trees near Underwood Creek late last year. Milwaukee Riverkeeper will use this $75,000 award to restore the approximately 22,585 square feet of denuded wetland and flood plain area that has been affected by the infestation. This project will prevent the site from becoming overrun by invasive species from adjacent areas, as well as reduce polluted runoff and improve the water quality of Underwood Creek and the Menomonee River. Furthermore, this project will provide educational and stewardship opportunities to nearby Tonawanda Elementary school students, faculty, and families.

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