Fund For Lake Michigan

Kenosha Storm Water Utility-Eichelman Park Beach Restoration – Phases II – VII

  • Grant Recipient: City of Kenosha
  • Amount: $182,500
  • Year: 2016
  • Watershed: Lake Michigan Coast
  • Focus Area: Beach Restoration

In order to protect both public and environmental health at Eichelman Park Beach, the Fund for Lake Michigan is supporting the City of Kenosha’s project to revitalize this beach that is currently listed as an impaired water by the State of Wisconsin. Project activities will include: capturing and infiltrating stormwater runoff; detering gull loafing behavior; restoring coastal vegetation; providing improved public access to the beach; and enhancing site aesthetics. The overall goal of this project is to allow more people to take advantage of this resource, maximizing both economic potential and environmental preservation.

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