Fund For Lake Michigan

Improving Stormwater Capture & Coastal Habitat Using an Engineered Dune and Swale System

  • Grant Recipient: City of Racine
  • Amount: $125,000
  • Year: 2019
  • Watershed: Lake Michigan Coast
  • Focus Area: Beach Restoration

North Beach, one of Racine’s prized community assets, has undergone restorations since 2004 that have lifted it to designation as one of America’s 50 Best Beaches (USA Today) and a Blue Wave Clean Beach. Since high Lake Michigan water levels are taking their inevitable toll on water quality, more is needed to keep the beach safe, appealing, and swimmable.  The city will improve North Beach with a dune and swale system designed to capture and redirect polluted surface runoff. The project will demonstrate the value of green infrastructure for other beach communities and serve as a model for future efforts benefitting Wisconsin’s ecology, economy, and communities.

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