Fund For Lake Michigan

Habitat Preservation and Access Improvements at North Beach

  • Grant Recipient: City of Racine
  • Amount: $48,167
  • Year: 2016
  • Watershed: Lake Michigan Coast
  • Focus Area: Beach Restoration

City of Racine ($48,167)This $48,167 will support the City of Racine’s goal of continuing its investment and water quality improvements at North Beach. Since initial restoration activities in 2000, North Beach’s use has increased fivefold to 200,000 visitors annually. This project responds to this massive usage increase and will implement approximately 800 feet of nature trail—including educational signage—within the dune system by the popular Kid’s Cove playground. This pathway will increase the connectivity of the park and link key areas of the beach. Further, the trail will be made of cordwalk, a permeable material that will not increase runoff or erosion.

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