Fund For Lake Michigan

Green Stormwater Infrastucture & Water Quality Preliminary Design

  • Grant Recipient: City of Two Rivers
  • Amount: $74,500
  • Year: 2016
  • Watershed: Lake Michigan Coast
  • Focus Area: Green Infrastructure

City of Two Rivers ($74,500)This $74,500 award supports the City of Two Rivers’ goal to redevelop a 12-acre vacant site formerly occupied by the Hamilton/Thermo Fisher Scientific complex. This project will ensure a plan is in place for long-term waterfront public access with sustainable green infrastructure. Specifically, this project will include surveys of the property to identify soil characteristics and structure, as well as suitable stormwater strategies and structural design. Analysis will also lead to a suite of suitable green infrastructure management recommendations for the city’s consideration. This project seizes an opportunity to revive development in the city and reconnect the community with the Lake.

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