Fund For Lake Michigan

Green Demonstration Project at the Milwaukee Public Museum

  • Grant Recipient: Milwaukee Public Museum
  • Amount: $80,000
  • Year: 2016
  • Watershed: Milwaukee River
  • Focus Area: Green Infrastructure

Milwaukee Public Museum ($80,000)With this $80,000 award, the Milwaukee Public Museum will replace its current, outdated courtyard at the museum’s entrance with an innovative stormwater collective system that includes signage about green infrastructure. The renovated space will include meandering paths, native plantings, a space for performances, and vegetable gardens. All of these features will transform the museum’s entrance into a public area that blends cutting-edge stormwater management techniques with an educational opportunity to share information about green infrastructure with the over 500,000 people that visit the museum each year. Furthermore, the museum’s educational team intends to use the space for its own weekly programming.

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