Fund For Lake Michigan

Great Lakes Impact Investment Platform

  • Grant Recipient: Council of the Great Lakes Governors Inc.
  • Amount: $57,000
  • Year: 2019
  • Watershed: Basinwide
  • Focus Area: Habitat Restoration, Stream Restoration, Green Infrastructure, Nutrient Management, Beach Restoration, Research, Education/Outreach, Monitoring/Watershed Planning

With this investment, the Council of the Great Lakes Governors will create a blue bond to fund large-scale MMSD green infrastructure and restoration projects in the Milwaukee River Basin. As the first blue bond in the Great Lakes, this will serve as a model for other utilities and agencies in the region who are interested in innovative financing that is good for investors and the environment. Along with the environmental benefits of the specific projects supported through the bond, the Council will build a market for water-related bonds while providing a regional certification standard to track environmental impact and to standardize bond issues.

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